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woman in a slit lamp at optometrists office


Regular eye examinations are essential to maintain good vision and to monitor the health of your eyes. The American Optometric Association recommends every adult ages 18-64 receive an eye exam every year. An eye exam can detect symptomless eye and systemic conditions including but not limited to: diabetes, cataracts, hypertension, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.


At Optics Plus, we offer comprehensive eye examinations for adults, as well as eye exams and further visual testing for children. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye health and vision problems is vital for maintaining good vision and eye health, and when possible, preventing vision loss.

In keeping up with the latest technology, we offer Optomap® imaging. This device takes a wide-field (200º) scan of your retina in order to provide you with the greatest chance of earlier disease detection and treatment.


Whether it's time to renew your contact lens prescription, or you're interested in trying lenses for the first time, our dedicated optometrist has you covered!

Optics Plus offers the latest in contact lens technology, with an emphasis on daily disposable lenses, new blue-light contact lenses, and more. We also specialize in multifocal contact lenses, offering solutions for those struggling with both distance and reading vision. 

We specialize in hard-to-fit contact lenses, including gas-permeable lenses (RGP), hybrid lenses, custom soft lenses, and more. 

Even if contact lens wear has been difficult in the past, ask our doctor if you're a good candidate for contact lenses today! 

woman inserting a contact lens into eye
woman closing eyes at computer with eye strain


Struggling with blurred vision, tired eyes, headaches, dry eyes, or neck/back pain? It could be computer vision syndrome. Even if symptoms are mild, it's important to address the strain caused by computer vision syndrome.


At Optics Plus, we offer a variety of testing and treatment for those struggling with computer vision syndrome. Book an appointment today to see what we can do for you! 


Skip the line at the DMV! Optics Plus is an approved New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Vision Testing site.


Motor Vehicle Vision Screenings can be done any time during our business hours (no appointment necessary), free of charge. All you need is your current driver’s license. Test results are immediately entered into the DMV database so you can continue to renew by mail or on line.

NYS requires a minimum of  20/40 vision in one or both eyes, with your best correction.

woman in sunglasses driving convertible
men wearing helmets and sports glasses going biking


Sports vision testing helps athletes determine how well their eyes perform in their specific sport. These tests go beyond standard eye examination. Sports vision testing is beneficial for assessing hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, and depth perception. If you are a local athlete looking to improve your performance, our trusted optometrist can help. 

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