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Transitions (Photochromic) Lenses


Clear indoors… Dark outdoors!

Lenses that magically adjust to the light!

Today’s Transitions Signature® lenses, the culmination of over 40 years of evolution, are the most successful photochromic lens ever.

  • Virtually clear indoors, they will get very dark, very quickly.*
  • Available colors: Grey, Brown, Green (G15)
  • UV Protective (blocking over 98% of UV400)

Drivers should note that Transitions Signature® will NOT darken in a car (the glass blocks the UV light that activates the lenses).Optics Plus recommends these good options for drivers, all within the Transitions family:

  • VANTAGE lenses – varies from light tint to medium density brown polarized (Reacts behind glass)
  • DRIVEWEAR – Vary from medium brown Polarized to dark Green polarized. (Reacts behind glass)
  • TRANSITIONS XTRACTIVE – Varies from Indoor tint ~25% to dark Grey 85% (Reacts partially behind glass)

*Approx 80% absorption after 45 seconds exposure to direct bright sunlight..