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Prescription Sunglasses


Are prescription sunglasses a good idea? A good pair of sunglasses, whether prescription or non-, affords the wearer so many benefits… sharper, better vision, protection from UV and glare, Improved comfort and performance, protection from wind and particles... Sunglasses should be considered a necessity for most people's modern lifestyles. And don’t forget… they look cool, and they’re just plain fun!

"Prescription wearers are further rewarded with the ability to personalize their sunglasses to achieve almost any look or any function desired." Frame choices cover the entire spectrum; our only recommendation for sunwear is that the lens is large enough to effectively block the sunlight. With today’s lens technology, customized prescription lenses are routinely dispensed affording vision that far surpasses "ready-made" sunwear.

Optics Plus often recommends a prescription sunglass as the natural “next step” in growing an eyeglass wardrobe, and they’re guaranteed to please for a long, long time!.