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Digital Lenses

In today’s high tech world the term “high definition” has come to mean the best and latest in television sound and image. “Digital” and “Free-Form” lenses are the optical equivalent to High Definition. Lenses that are digitally surfaced are much more accurately reproduce, and can actually correct for variations in “prescriptions” across the entire surface of a lens. This means that patients will experience sharper vision than ever before possible. For multifocal wearers, the new Digital Progressive Lenses have wider areas or distance, near, and every distance in between. Digital lenses also enhance vision for “single vision” patients, by keeping the prescription optically true over a much wider zone in the lens. Wearers also benefit from reduced glare for nighttime driving and other night vision tasks.

It is important to understand the lens material for digital lenses is no different than the standard lens material. How the lens is manufactured is what sets digital lenses apart.  Freeform processing — also known as direct-to-surface or direct lens technology — can create a unique, custom designed progressive lens using state-of-the-art surfacing technology..