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Anti-Reflective Lenses


Anti-Reflective Lenses are engineered to make your  eyeglasses even more transparent than plain, uncoated lenses. Anti-Reflective lenses actually eliminate annoying reflections from the front and back lens surface. This allows more light to pass through – better vision and better appearance. AR coated lenses will often look invisible in a frame, and the vision, especially in low light conditions, is remarkably improved. OPTICS PLUS uses only Anti-Reflective lenses with outer Scratch Resistant and Water Repellent layers. Because of their proven durability under normal use all OPTICS PLUS “AR” Treated lenses come with a replacement warranty (CLICK HERE for details).

Today’s high quality AR lenses are available from all of the major lens suppliers.

Caring for Glasses With Anti-Reflective Lenses

When cleaning AR-coated lenses, use only mild detergent solution (hand or dish soap) or a recommended lens cleaner. Cleaners with harsh chemicals, especially alcohol, ammonia, chlorine, etc., may damage the anti-reflective coating.

Also, don’t attempt to clean AR-coated lenses without wetting them first. Using a dry cloth on a dry lens can cause lens scratches. And because anti-reflective coating eliminates light reflections that can mask lens surface defects, smudges and fine scratches often are more visible on AR-coated lenses than on uncoated lenses.